Colon Hygiene

Safe and easy way to remove excess waste accumulated inside the body a simple hygiene process most useful to maintain a pure condition of the internal organs – the only natural immune system maintenance method for long term healthcare protection and prevention – best way to keep your health in a place of wellness and comfort.

Frequent client, package discount, monthly specials and membership pricing available, call 323 655-8385 for details.

Detox, Relax and Wellness Packages

If you have been under stress this is the answer to reviving yourself! These Rejuvenation Packages starts with creating a special personalized program at Aquarian Wellness that will follow on with you as you experience more peace, more internal growth, energy, and vibrancy! We will help you select from one of the three packages to best suites your needs.

Mini Tao Detox Package # 1

Time needed – same day two hour appointment
1 Colon Hygiene Session               (@45min session)
1 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed       (@30min session)
1 Infrared Sauna                               (@30min session)

Small Tao Detox Package # 2

Time needed each visit – two consecutive days of appointments @ 2 hours
2 Colon Hygiene Session             (@45min session)
2 Infrared Sauna                             (@30min session)
2 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed      (@30min session)

Big Tao Detox Package # 3

Time needed each visit – three consecutive days of appointments @ 3 hours
3 Colon Hygiene                              (@45min session)
3 Infrared Sauna                              (@30min session)
3 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed       (@30min session)
3 Ionic Detox Foot Bath                 (@30min session)
3 Ear Hygiene Sessions                  (@45min session)

Customized Detox Cleanses and Nutri-Fasting Programs

Aquarian Wellness offers totally individually designed customized detox programs for weight loss conditioning and internal body cleansing, anti aging rejuvenation and disease prevention especially designed to perform for each person’s individual condition, age and emotional state to support best the individual needs of the client. This service is offered at as needed levels of components used to design it – starting with 1 hour consultation session – please inquire for details.

Aquarian Wellness believes that any nutrition program needs to be designed around a strong detox-based set of methods to allow the body to gentle evolve into the change of its habitual food intake.

Call for Individual pricing for each program.

Weight Loss Programs

We offer weekly weight loss and detox programs which are gentle small methods to accelerate the body in metabolic action and balance digestion and elimination. Rooted in the “detoxify your body first” belief we structure weight loss plans around a foundational method of purifying the whole system first. These programs are a separate in type of service and their pricing varies according to the length and involvement of elements they are based on.

The Basic Price is a per week price, the pricing includes 1 colonic 1 detox nutritional food supplements 1 reconstructive digestive enzyme food supplement 1 session Infrared Detox Sauna 6 day diet & fasting guide.

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Ear Hygiene

Natural coning also known as candling methods for ear hygiene practice dates back centuries and are a gentle and non-invasive process to relax the hearing channels clearing them of waste residues and maintain a healthy condition inside the internal environment of the ear.

We are only using the highest quality pure hand made beeswax herbal cones.

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(1/2 Hour Session)


Far Infrared Sauna


Relax in the gentle far infrared heat your body will detox metallic compounds via sweating as well as other organic and inorganic compounds. Infrared rays are the healthiest of the rays originating from the sun to vitalize your cells and metabolism.

Additional benefits of infrared sauna include lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, detoxifying the body, and burning calories.

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(45 – Minute Session)


This type 2 medical device bed massages and relaxes your body in a Shiatsu type action using Jade rollers heated with healing infrared rays that travel up and down your spine with varied intensity delivering a great detox to all pressure points which by impulse transmit flow of energy between the brain and the rest of your body.

In 35 blissful minutes this treatment allows the muscles around your spine to activate the flow of stored up lactic acid resulting in an overall deep relaxation stimulating all of your body functions to a better performance.

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Herbal Supplements & Nutriments

We sell tested herbal natural products based on pure organic ingredients produced and custom created by our own experts and supplements and vitamins made by hand picked companies from national and international markets.

Price range is directed by availability of product. Aquarian Wellness offers its client the best quality product at lowest possible cost.